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Dear customers,

welcome to register as a user of    . Before registration, please read the following terms of service carefully:

The two parties of this agreement refer to the website and website user. This agreement has contractual effect. Upon your confirmation of this agreement, it shall have legal effect between you and the website. Please make sure to read all the service contents of this agreement carefully before registration. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Regardless of whether you carefully read this agreement before registration, as long as you click the “Agree” button below this agreement and register as our user according to the website registration process, you will be deemed to have agreed and signed this agreement.

Article 1 Confirmation and Acceptance of the Terms of the Website

1. The ownership and operation of all services on the website belong to the website. The ownership of all products online belongs to   VAPECANAL LTD.

2. Once you click the “I accept” button when you register on the website, it means that you are willing to accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

3. You shall equip yourself with the necessary equipment to use the website, including personal computer, mobile phone, etc.

4. You shall bear telephone and network costs relevant to this service.

5. The validity of terms and conditions of this agreement are limited to the website. Your behaviors on the website are bound by this agreement.

6. The behaviors that you use the services on the website and purchase the online products on the website shall be deemed to have been informed of and agreed on relevant notice.

7. The website reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this agreement without advance notice. Each time you log on to the website, you should first check this agreement before using the services and purchasing online products.

8. The website reserves the right to modify or suspend some or all services, put on the shelves, remove from the shelves or stop selling online products without advance notice, without assuming any liability to you or any third party arising therefrom.

9. If your account number and password are lost after registration, it will not affect the effectiveness of your successful business. The website can restore your registered account number and relevant information without assuming any other responsibilities.

Article 2 Registered User Management

A. All your behaviors on this website must comply with the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom. You are not allowed to make, copy, publish or disseminate the following information by using the services provided and online products sold on this website:

1. Against the constitution;

2. Endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state sovereignty and undermining national unity;

3. Damage to national honors and interests;

4. Inciting racial hatred and racial discrimination;

5. Destroying the national religious policy;

6. Dissemination of rumors, disrupting social order, and undermining social stability;

7. Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetment;

8. Insulting or slandering others and infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of others;

9. Other contents prohibited by laws and regulations

B. All your behaviors on this website must also comply with the laws and regulations of other countries and regions.

C. You are not allowed to use this website to engage in the following activities:

1. Infringe upon minors in any way;

2. Access to other people’s computer information networks or resources of other people’s computer information networks without permission;

3. Delete, modify or add the functions of the computer information network of others without permission;

4. Delete, modify and add data and applications stored, processed or transmitted in the computer information network of others without permission;

5. Produce and deliberately spread destructive programs such as computer viruses;

6. Other behaviors that endanger computer information network security.

D. You shall abide by other regulations and procedures of this website.

1. You shall take full responsibility for your behaviors and operations in this website.

2. The way you assume the responsibilities includes but not limited to compensation the victims, equal compensation you give this website due to the administrative penalty or liability for compensation for infringement assumed by this website first resulted from your behaviors;

3. In case this website discovers that the information transmitted by you is the content agreed hereof, this website shall have the right to take measures without informing you including but not limited to presentation to relevant national authorities, keeping relevant records, deleting the contents and link address, suspending the operational privileges of your account, stopping providing services for you and closing the server, etc.

E. Users’ account security

1. The users may enjoy all kinds of services provided in this website in way of registration in this website or using accounts of other cooperative websites. After users register in this website successfully, this website shall provide the users an account and a password. Each account shall match an only name (or users’ name). The ownership of accounts in this website shall belong to this website. The user shall acquire the right of using account of this website after finishing the registration procedures of this website, provided that the said right is only limited to business or service related to this website other than other business purposes.

2. The user shall take care of his or her users’ name and password, which shall not be given, lent, rented, transferred or sold. In case of disclosure of the password due to your reasons, you shall be willing to assume all corresponding liabilities resulted therefrom.

3. In case the account and password of the user is used by others illegally or any other security problems about the account and password of the user occur, the user shall immediately contact this website. After receiving users’ application to ask this website to take measures to suspend the use and logging in of their accounts, this website shall require the users to provide company’s valid identity information, personal valid identity information and other certificates and materials consistent with the identity information of users used for registration in this website. Upon the verification of this website, the website shall immediately take measures to stop logging and using the accounts of users. In case the users fail to provide relevant information in accordance with the requirement or the information provided by the users is wrong, this website shall have the right to refuse the above-mentioned application of users.

4. The users shall close and sign out relevant accounts after finishing the use of relevant services in this website. In case the accounts and passwords are illegal used by others due to hacking activities or users’ fault, this website shall not assume any liabilities therefrom.

5. The user clearly agrees that the user shall assume risks arising from using this website. This website shall not guarantee that the service provided in this website shall not be suspended, and the timeliness, security and fault of the service provided in this website shall also not be guaranteed. However, this website shall avoid any fault within its capacities.

6. The users shall understand that this website shall also customize professional service system for other internet enterprises. That is to say, the service content acquired by the user in this website may come from the third enterprise. Once the users accept the service content provided by the third enterprise, the user shall comply with the agreement for users made by the third enterprise. In case the third enterprise accesses this website and its existing users may use the service provided in this website, the said existing users shall become the users of this website and their account shall automatically become the accounts of this website. The said existing users shall agree to abide by the agreement herein like users directly registering in this website. This website shall still provide the website interface, which has been already familiar to users, during providing the services in this website only for the purpose of making it easy for users to accept services in this website. The relationship between the existing users and this website shall still be bound by this agreement.

7. Special notice on users’ payment

In this website, the users may buy online products, online value-added services and online services provided by the third-party enterprises jointly operating with this website for their account by means of payment (including but not limited to T.T, Paypal, net banking recharge, bank card payment, credit card payment and mobile payment, etc.). The website shall clearly remind users of the charging services which shall require a certain payment before users may use these services, the users shall use the said charging network service only when users confirm that they are willing to pay relevant expenses as per relevant tips. In case users refuse to pay relevant expenses, this website shall have the right not to provide the said charging network service to the users. In order to respect users’ consumption habits and conform to users’ experience, when users use the services provided in this website or purchase online products, the users shall understand and know that the payment system provided by the third party may be used for the payment.

8. Notice

All notices sent to users can be transmitted through announcement in important page, e-mail or regular letters. The modification of service terms and conditions hereof, change of services, renewal of information on online products, or the publication of other important events and information all shall be carried out in the same way as the above-mentioned methods.

9. The end of service

The users or the website may suspend one or several services as per the actual circumstances at any time. This website shall not be responsible for suspending services at any time for any individuals or the third party. In case the users oppose any service terms and conditions, or doubt about the future modification of terms and conditions, or dissatisfy with this website, the users may exercise the following rights:

1) The users will not use any services provided in this website or buy any online products in this website.

2) This website may stop providing services for users or selling the online products to the users.

After the end of services for the users, users’ right to use this website shall be immediately terminated. From then on, the users shall have no right and this website shall have no obligations to deliver any unprocessed information or unfinished service to users or the third party.

     Article 3 Rights and Obligations of Registered Users

1. The registered users shall have the right to use the service functions provided in this website and buy the online products in this website;

2. The registered users shall be obliged to provide complete and true information of companies and individuals. In case of any change of above-mentioned information, it shall be updated immediately;

3. The registered users shall take care of users’ name and password, especially the information on the bank account used for payment as well as payment password. All activities carried out by the users after the users log in on this website shall be deemed your voluntary behaviors and willingness, and you shall take full responsibility for them;

4. When you use services provided in this website or buy the online products provided in this website, it means you agree and accept all kinds of information services provided in this website.

Article 4 Intellectual Property

All domain names, trade names, trademarks, characters, videos and sounds, figures and images, pictures, layouts, etc. in this website shall be protected by relevant laws on the ownership and the intellectual property. Any organizations and individuals shall not duplicate or use the above-mentioned items without previous written consent of this website.

Article 5 Governing Law

1. This agreement is modified by the owner of this website and publicized through this website. Your registration shall be deemed that you are willing to accept all terms and conditions of this agreement and be bound by this agreement.

2. The effectiveness, performance, interpretation and dispute settlement hereof shall be subject to laws of United Kingdom.

3. In case of any disputes arising from the use of services provided by this website, such disputes shall be settled through negotiation by both parties in principle. Should the negotiation fail, the users and this website jointly agree to obey the jurisdiction of      Manchester court where this website is located.

4. In case of any differences between the terms and conditions of this agreement and laws and regulations, this website may re-process the differences, while other terms and conditions hereof shall still have legal effect and bind you. 

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